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Huahine polynesie francaise The Ariitere pension offers 3 bungalows and 2 rooms around a pool, surrounded by a colorful flower garden.

Removed from the road, it's a nice, peace and quiet place. The guesthouse is located just 500 meters (10 minutes walk) from downtown. The white sand beach, is at 200m flight of birds (5 mins walk), perfect for relaxation lovers..

This is the ideal place when traveling with family or in a group for a small budget.

The pool is a swimming safe area for children and give a quiet time for parents. Several children of 6-7 years old learned to swim in the pool of the pension, because of its shallow depth (1.15m).

Kayaks are available.

What you should know about Huahine

Vahine de Huahine The island of Huahine, also called "The Wild" are two islands connected by a bridge.

Huahine NUI, north island, have 4 districts : Fare – Maeva – Fitii and Faie.

Huahine ITI , south island also have 4 districts but isolated : Maroe – Haapu – Parea and Tefarerii

The major village of Huahine is Fare, located at the North-West of Huahine Nui, facing Raiatea and Tahaa. (practical information)

True heart of the economy, this is where are regrouped all major infrastructure such as the port, shops and supermarket, trailers and restaurants and all water sports (diving, kayak rentals, boat, surf, etc ...).

The animation is extraordinary with its market and the only supermarket on the island. Place of supply of the whole island, the inhabitants of the surrounding districts come here every day to refuel. Excellent venue for locals of the island that are accustomed to meet,                      discuss about anything and everything (it's coconut radio, the channel that distorts everything ;)). (practical information)

La pension Ariitere a la particularité d’être située à proximité du bourg de Fare et de la belle plage du Bali-Hai, facilitant les déplacements et évitant le budget supplémentaire de la location d’un véhicule (nécessaire toutefois, pour visiter l’île, une journée).(infos pratiques)

Getting to Huahine: by air, 30 minutes direct flight from Tahiti, Raiatea or the neighboring island of Huahine (15 minute flight). There are also boat connections from Tahiti. (practical information)

Activities advices during your stay

Tour of the island by car:

This tour of the island can be done in half a day (60 km), but a full day is recommended in order to appreciate the sights of the island. To visit: the "marae" or archaeological sites of Maeva, fish traps of the 19th century, the former beach of the Sofitel, its garden of coral, Faie Pearl Farm, the view of the Belvedere and one of the vanilla plantation of Haapu.

Do not miss: the eels feedingat the village of Faie, lunch on the beach, south of the island, in a popular restaurant and return west with the sunset behind the island of Raiatea.

Tour of the island by canoe :

The discovery of the lagoon and the shores of the island are recommended, you can check with companies like "Huahine Nautique" and "Poetaina." The day includes activities diving mask snorkel, picnic on the "motu" of Tefarerii, a magical place that ends with the fish and sharks feeding.

Picnic Day at the Sofitel beach:

On a bicycle with the family "en route" to the Sofitel beach (18 km round trip) through the road of "motu" airport. Picnic on the beach of the Sofitel (bring water and snacks before departure) then return quietly by the Maeva highway. The road is flat and presents no difficulty.

Visit the downtown, beach and kayak:

All nearby for a relaxing day. Diving mask snorkel in the coral garden, 100m from the pension.

Take time to discover HUAHINE and share wonderful moments with the inhabitants of the island, offering you all day long their smiles and kindness.


pension ariitere

The Ariitere pension offers 2 bedrooms and 3 bungalows around a pool, surrounded by a colorful garden flower...